1 Definition

The top-down, step-by-step methodology for business analysis, business rules, and decision analysis offered by Business Rule Solutions, LLC (BRS)

Notes: In Greek mythology Proteus was a god that could take many forms, hence the English word protean meaning versatile, mutable, capable of assuming many forms. Protean business capabilities are exactly what you need for business agility, a central goal of Proteus.

Proteus for Business Analysis (Pro-BA™) provides a hands-on, intuitive approach to engage business people and subject matter experts (SMEs) most productively, with minimal demands on their time. Distinctive deliverables from Pro-BA include: (1) a strategy for the business solution (Policy Charter), and (2) behavioral rules. A key Pro-BA technique is to walk the walls when building a business model.

Proteus for Decision Analysis (Pro-DA) provides a business-based approach for undertaking decision analysis, capturing decision rules, and organizing decision tables. Distinctive deliverables of Pro-DA include Q-COEs and Q-Charts. Pro-DA can be applied in either of two ways: (1) Stand-alone - i.e., undertaken on its own for some specific operational business decision(s). (2) Embedded - undertaken as part of another initiative (e.g., business process re-engineering, web-based eCommerce, legacy system modernization, etc.).