Ishikawa Diagram

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A problem-solving tool that uses a graphic description of the various process elements to analyze potential sources of variation , or problems. [Same as Cause and Effect Diagram,,, or Fishbone Diagram]
defined by 6SixSigSigma
A cause-and-effect diagram developed by Kaoru Ishikawa. Syn- fishbone diagram.
defined by Lean Affiliates
Cause and effect diagram; fishbone diagram. A problem-solving graphic. The problem is written on the right hand side of a sheet. A "fishbone" of lines is drawn towards the problem statement, and labelled with groups of potential causes e.g. 6M (Man, Materials, Machines, Measurements, Mother Nature) or 4P (People, Processes, Policies, Procedures). Individual potentials causes are then added to the fishbone, for example by brainstorming.